Okuma fishing has Savage gear 3D fishing lures on closeout – $5 each + shipping, min of 5 lures

By | September 21, 2019 8:14 am EST

Shipping was $9.99 for me for 9 lures/bait. These normally go for $12 or more. I’ve been wanting to try these out but they’re very expensive. At about $6 including shipping, I can finally try these out. I believe California residents are taxed, not sure about other states.
They have trout, bluegill, baby bass, bat, duck, gizzard shad, prop pike and other items on closeout.
Something to note: the site is a bit odd on mobile. Not sure if it’s the same on desktop. To add the item, scroll down and click on the plus sign of Models, then you add using the add button. There are some that float, sink, or slow sink. It’s in the description. Oddly it doesn’t show you the photos next to the add button, so you’ll have to kind of guess which ones they are. You can see them at checkout, though.
Tight lines!

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