Pet bowl deal master thread

By | September 21, 2019 6:56 pm EST

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This thread consolidates all pet bowl deals! If you find a deal on bowls for dogs, cats, reptiles, and other small animals, please leave a comment below. If you’re interested in new pet bowl deals, check back or use the thread tools to subscribe for updates.
Let’s kick this off with all pet bowls under $3:
$0.74 Petmate Kennel Water Cup
$1.39 Advance Pet Products Stainless Steel Feeding Bowls, 1/2-Pint
$1.48 QT Dog Standard Stainless Steel Food Bowl, 1/2 Pint
$1.56 Van Ness 32-Ounce Lightweight Dish, Medium
$1.69 Petmate 23079 Pet Dish, Large
$1.86 Loving Pets Bella Bowl Designer & Expressions Dog Bowl, Small, Hearts, Valentine Red
$1.90 Van Ness 16-Ounce Lightweight Dish, Small
$1.92 Van Ness Stainless Steel Cat Dish, 8 Ounce
$1.84 Catit Drinking Fountain Replacement Carbon Filter Cartridge for Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain – 3-Pack
$1.94 Petmate JW Lightweight 1.25 C Bowl, Silver, Small
$2.15 R-Zilla Kidney Bowl Small 4" (FOR TERRARIUMS)
$2.17 Pro Select Stainless Steel X-Super Heavyweight Non-Tip Pet Bowl, 5-1/2-Inch, 1-Pint
$2.20 Van Ness 64-Ounce Lightweight Dish, Large
$2.21 Loving Pets Coastal Bella Bowl for Dogs, Small, Hawaiian Red
$2.29 Petrageous Designs Cayman Classic Stainless Steel Pet Bowl, Holds 1.5 Cups
$2.42 Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Bowl, Slow Feeding Dog Dish Suitable for Wet or Dry Food, Small, White
$2.47 Van Ness Stainless Steel Slow Feeder, 24 oz
$2.49 Loving Pets Dolce Luminoso Dog Bowl, Blue, Small
$2.51 Large Collapsible, Lightweight, and Portable Pet Food & Water Bowl
$2.57 Van Ness Stainless Steel Deco Dish, 32 oz
$2.81 Loving Pets Metallic Bella Bowl, Medium, Champagne
$2.89 PetRageous Fiji 1.75 Cups Stainless Steel Bowl in White/Light Gray
$2.94 Petmate 23580 WetNoz Pet Bowl Mat, Hibiscus
$2.95 Van Ness X-Small Auto Feeder, 1.5 Pound
$2.95 Vanness AF3 3-Pound Auto Feeder, (Colors May Vary)
$2.96 Van Ness – Ecoware Cat Dish 8oz
$2.97 Petcessory Pet Collapsible Silicone Travel Bowl, Green
$2.99 Maslow Stainless Steel Non-Skid/Non-Tip Pet Bowl with Ridges, 1-Cup
$2.99 Maslow Standard Dog Bowl, Stainless Steel, 3-Cup
$2.99 Van Ness Heavyweight Medium Crock Dish, 20 Ounce
$3.14 PetRageous Fiji 3.75 Cups Stainless Steel Bowl in White/Light Gray
$3.14 PetRageous Fiji 3.75 Cups Stainless Steel Bowl in Light Gray/Black

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