Moto G7 ($129.99) and Z3 Play ($99.00) at Bestbuy with new Verizon line and cancel

By | September 26, 2019 12:31 pm EST

Bestbuy has marked Moto phones down again with new Verizon and Sprint lines. Ya gotta be willing to take a hard credit pull and cancel the new line within 3 days. These deals work much better in-store!!!!! The Z3 is $99.99 and the 64gb G7 is $129.99. I’ve done this twice with Verizon service and have had zero problems. All you pay for is the phone and a credit card is not required. Most people are scared of these deals cuz of the hard credit pull and they can’t understand that these are FACTORY UNLOCKED PHONES.…d~Motorola

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