ADATA SSD SU650 480GB for $34 or SU630 960GB for $68 AC @ Rakuten

By | September 28, 2019 12:14 pm EST has a few ADATA SSDs on sale with 15% off coupon.
There could be more, but the two good deals I have found are 480GB SU650 for $34 AC and SU630 960GB for $68 AC.
Coupon code is ADA15
Please note that while these prices look rather good, SU650 has really bad reviews, not speed-wise but more of a reliability issue. SU630 it a bit better, but still suffers from the same. I don’t know why but for example SU635 which looks the same has a much better reliability record, I’ve used a ton of them without issues. These drives use QLC cells which have not a very long lifespan compared to TLC for example, used everywhere now. I am not an SSD specialist, just some observation of mine.
ADATA SU650 480GB for $34:…0SS480GTR/
ADATA SU630 960GB for $68:…SS-960GQ-R

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