Sabrent 1TB gen 4 NVMe – $149.99 (169.99 – $20 promo code SABRENTCM19)

By | December 2, 2019 6:05 pm EST

It’s been like a dollar lower on Amazon once. This is about as low as I’ve seen the 1TB go. If you have a PCIe4.0 board, this is one of the first drives for that spec. Speeds of up to 5000mb/s Reads and 4400mb/s writes. (Samsung has yet to release theirs, due sometime Q2 2020. Will likely be a lot more expensive).
This also should include a 5 year manufacturer warranty if the new tech starts bugging out. So far so good though, people like it.
My total was about $165 after taxes.…ME8AP27964

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