Several ‘free after offer’ items via Ibotta – Including Mystery Oreos and Sweet Earth Awesome Burger, 8 OZ pack – B&M YMMV

By | February 13, 2020 7:57 pm EST

EDIT /UPDATE – I also found (in Ibotta) a Free after offer for the following in Walmart as well
-Oui by Yoplait
-Oreo Mystery Oreos
-Kize Keto Bars
-Minute Ready to Serve Rice .
Same deal as outlined below for meijer, but only at walmart. So that will be available for more people than meijer. You might also check your local stores in the Ibotta app as they may have more. Annoyingly, searching on the keyword FREE does not bring these up. You will need to search manually through the list of all items.

Original Post:
I was randomly browsing the Ibotta app this morning and found they have a "free after offer" offer for the new Sweet Earth branded plant based veggie burgers. It will credit your account $5.99 after you purchase it.
To make this even slicker, and possible a money maker (i have not verified), there is currently a $1 mperks (Meijer) coupon for this product as well (YMMV?) in the Meijer Mperks app.
I do not know if they will stack, or if you will only get the value after the coupon. Either way, free is free.
For those who do not know, Meijer is a midwest grocery store (Michigan, and surrounding states), so this will be a YMMV deal. Ibotta is an app that you scan your grocery receipts for certain items and get a small amount of cash back.
For fellow vegetarians:
I have not tried the sweet earth brand plant burgers, and only really like their veggie bacon. I think their normal veggie burgers are kind of dry. However, each companies plant based burgers seem to taste better than their normal ones.
Also, for fellow vegetarians near a meijer, i stumbled on a display of beyond burger and some store brand type plant based product in the horizantal meat cooler section. As a vegetarian I do not normally go through that part of the store. I just happened to be passing through and found a frozen veggie products section! They had the beyond burger/suasages, lightlife plant based burgers, and some store brand ground meat (plant based ) and meat balls.
The store brand ground burger had a weird taste, but good texture. The meatballs were amazing and are my new go to. Last time i checked , the store brand products were marked 50% off (still super $$) so not sure if it was a sale or if they were ending the experiment. Note, this is a separate section from the normal vegetarian items in the vertical coolers.
If you want a bulk discount on the lightlife plant based burgers, I suggest checking Gordons Food Service, as they sell a bulk pack of 40 for $99 , which will be cheaper than meijer, who only sells 2 packs

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