YMMV $1 Starlink Battle for Atlas Pilots and Weapons at Dollar Tree

By | September 6, 2020 7:24 pm EST

Found the following pilots and weapons for the Starlink Battle for Atlas game on an end cap at my local Dollar Tree in Central Texas:

  • Pilot Razor Lemay
  • Pilot Eli Arborwood
  • Pilot Kharl Zeon
  • Pilot Levi McCray
  • Weapon Pack: Iron Fist/Freeze Ray MK.2
  • Weapon Pack: Crusher/Shredder MK.2
  • Weapon Pack: Hailstorm/Meteor MK.2
  • Weapon Pack: Shockwave/Gauss Gun MK.2

They had A LOT of these for sale ! All of them for $1

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