Amazon Wireless Plans – Tracfone Unlimited Talk, Text, 1GB Exclusive on Amazon – $20 ALL IN ($5 OFF First Month) $15

By | September 8, 2020 10:02 am EST

It seems that Amazon is expanding it’s Amazon Wireless Plans Subscription platform and has now launched it’s third brand under Tracfone (previously launched Simple Mobile & Cricket). Amazon Wireless Plans for Prime Members are very similar to brands own plans but with extra incentives/savings for Prime Members.
Amazon Wireless Plans
On a high level, this plan is $20 All-In including Taxes & Fees ($2 savings in my state) and I get 10% cash back every month (another $2 savings). I tried to buy 2 but it seems to be limited to 1 per Prime Account.
$20 ALL IN PRICE ($15 for Month 1)
-$5 OFF First Month
-$2 Tax Savings
-$2 10% Cash Back every month
-$1 5% provided by Amazon Credit Card
= $17-$18 Final Price (if you add up all the savings)
In comparison, on you pay $20 + Taxes & Fees.
- Unlimited Talk, Text, 1GB Data
- Carrier Choice (ATT/VERIZON/TMO Compatible SIMs)
- Limited to one per accounts
- No Contract, Credit Checks, Keep your Phone, Keep your Phone Number
- Amazon Customer service and billing vs having to deal with Tracfone
- Can I switch if I already have Tracfone? A: Yes, as a Tracfone customer you may switch to this Amazon Wireless Plan, Keep Your Number, and enjoy these great benefits. Just purchase this new Plan (SIM included), activate the new SIM, then swap the SIM in your current phone.
- What SIM do I need if I already have a Tracfone device? A: Most Tracfone devices are CDMA based so you must purchase a CDMA Compatible SIM.
- What happens if I run out of data, is it throttled or capped? A: 1GB of Data is capped however you can always buy additional data for $10 for every additional 1GB. You may purchase this item for additional data
- Can I switch to a $25 or $30 plan? A: At this time no, only the $20 1GB is available.
- Can I add more than one line? A: At this time no, only 1 plan per Prime Account is available.

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