Extend MS xbox game pass for PC (w/ EA Play Pass) for $5 a month up to 3 years before price increase Thursday! $4.99

By | September 11, 2020 10:28 pm EST

Although MS has doesn’t appear to offer an annual pass for Xbox game pass for PC including EA Play Pass, there’s a way to get $5 a month pricing (before price increase Thursday 9-17) by prepaying for up to 3 years.
PC Games list included if anyone is curious (doesn’t yet show EA Play Pass games) is over 200 games:
Popular games include newest MS flight simulator, Wasteland 3, Sea of Thieves, crusader kings 3, Spiritfarer, Astroneer, no man’s sky, outer worlds, a plague tale, Football Manager 2020, Forza, Gears 5, Halo Master Chief, Minecraft Dungeons, State of Decay 2, etc
First, if you haven’t already, subscribe at this link. You will get charged $1 for first month if you are new subscriber.
Once you do that, or if you are existing subscriber, goto this page to manage the subscription:
The basics are that you are canceling the "reoccurring billing" option, then extending for a month, repeat as desired.
Specific steps that work for me:
1) click manage next to the xbox game pass
2) click "turn off reoccuring billing" only! (DO NOT CLICK on cancel sub!)
3) click confirm button to not charge again
4) click subscribe in the phrase "but you can subscribe again at any time."
5) click "join now button" in middle of screen (one at top doesn’t work for some reason)
6) click "join for $1" which is a lie because it’s actually going to be $5, only first month gets charged at $1
7) Click "extend" button
you may get asked for password at this point for the live account, happens to me every couple times through
8) verify/complete the payment info and click "subscribe" button, in my case I’m using paypal. This is the step that charges you $4.99 to add 1 month to your current subscription.
9) Extend button now changes to a "manage" button.
10) Click that manage button, to start process all over again at first step.
Do this as much as you like, the person who told me about it said it worked for adding three years for them. It keeps the $1 for first month properly too. I’m up to a year and a half. I figure at this price which totals $60 a year (normal cost of one AAA game) I’ll get my moneys worth for a few years with all the games they will have both from the normal MS xbox PC pass and the EA Play Pass. And it’s not like MS or xbox is going out of business before then. Essentially this is a 50% discount on the upcoming price increase to $10/month.
After it’s all done, final step is turn off reoccurring billing for good so you don’t get surprised in 3 years
Note: This is PC only for this price. Console price is $10, price for both PC and console and xbox live gold pass is $15. There’s no increase in pricing for the others as far as I know, just the PC.

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