Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – Up to 3yrs for $3/mo!

By | September 12, 2020 1:30 am EST

For new users who don’t have Game Pass Ultimate already only!
1. Buy up to (can’t be more) 3 years XBOX Live Gold from this link:
NOTE: if it asks to verify your CC it seems to cancel it. If your order status changes from ‘Pending’ to ‘On Hold ‘, your order is likely canceled. Using a different CC like a Visa debit will likely fix it
2. Download Tunnel Bear and install: (or use your own VPN) and select Brazil and turn on the VPN.
4. Open a Chrome Incognito window and go to the XBOX Brazil site (not the US site): (menus will be in Portuguese and say Jogos>Resgatar código (image
6. Redeem the codes one by one. DO NOT ENABLE AUTO RENEWAL (press off)
7. Once redeemed, turn off VPN and close the Incognito window.
8. Go back to the XBOX US site and login to your Microsoft account.
9. Click on the ‘Get your first month of Ultimate for $1 JOIN XBOX GAME PASS’ link. Then choose the Ultimate for $1 link (grey one). and you will get a prompt about converting your Xbox Live Gold to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes PC and console games and includes Xbox Live Gold + you get EA Play for FREE starting in November!…verviewtab
10. Go to your ‘My Microsoft account’ to verify.

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