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By | October 16, 2020 12:09 pm EST

Baltoro Games is having a massive sale on heavily discounted (or even free) games on the Nintendo Switch E-Shop. you have to own at least one game (or more) by Baltoro Games to get the discounts listed below. if you don’t own one you can just buy one of the cheaper games (i recommend the $0.04-$0.24 games) on this list to start unlocking the discounts on the other games.
I am not 100% sure on how many games you need to own, or which games trigger the discounts so YMMV.
Note: Switch E-Shop reflects the discounts below (and more games too), the website doesn’t for all games so i suggest searching for Baltoro Games (sort by price: low to high) on the Switch E-Shop and not the website.
Games List (Prices are based on Switch E-Shop and what i see based on the number of games i own):
Solitaire Deluxe Bundle – 3 in 1: $0
Spider Solitaire: $0
Ludomania: $0.04
Super Battle Cards: $0.05
2048 Battles: $0.09
Sushi Time: $0.24
Free Cell Solitaire Deluxe: $0.49
Klondike Solitaire: $0.49
Breakfast Bar Tycoon + Expansion Pack: $0.59
Food Truck Tycoon + Expansion Pack: $0.59
Food Truck Tycoon – Asian Cuisine: $0.99
Paratopic: $1.09
Moto Rush GT Deluxe Edition: $1.49
Urban Flow: $1.49
Urban Flow Extended Edition: $1.69
total cost to own all these games: $7.84 (not a bad price for a bunch of games)
please list any game deals not mentioned here as the ones not mentioned i already own and cannot see their current price.
credit goes to Psycosys from a previous post for helping discover this sale.[platform][0]=Nintendo%20Switch[platform][0]=Nintendo%20Switch[platform][0]=Nintendo%20Switch

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