Super Flower Leadex III 650W 80+ Gold $89.99 after 10% coupon

By | November 21, 2020 6:44 pm EST

Super Flower Leadex III 650W 80+ Gold $15 off sale, plus 10% coupon code for new customers. I already had an account and the code didn’t work for that, but luckily my wife doesn’t have one. Registered a new account in her name and the code worked. I put in two email addresses and both received the same code, so this should work as long as you are using a new account.
I also applied for Paypal Credit for a 20 dollar bonus, and paid with a credit card via Paypal, which allowed me to apply the 20 dollar credit to this purchase. That isn’t specific to this deal and could be used for anything, though.
Lastly there is a $10 gift card for first time purchases using the newegg app. I don’t think this item qualifies though, since I believe it is a 3rd party product?
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