Select Listerine Products for cheap or free after Coupon, Walgreens rewards, and $10 Johnson & Johnson Rebate $25.16

By | December 27, 2020 1:42 pm EST

Right now, you can combine 3 deals to get select Listerine products for cheap or even free if you count Walgreens rewards as cash. Here’s an example:
Be sure to log into your Walgreens account before proceeding.
1. Add 5 x Total Care Alcohol-Free Mouthwash Mint ( DO NOT CLIP COUPON)…51-product
2. Select in-store pick up and apply coupon code "FREE20" in cart to get 20% off. The total should be $31.45 – $6.29 = $25.16 before tax. During checkout, you should see an estimated Walgreens rewards of $15ish.
3. Submit your order and pick it up.
4. Submit Johnson & Johnson’s $10 rebate at…/walgreens. Make sure to submit by 12/31.
After the $15 Walgreens rewards and $10 J & J rebate, you basically get 5 x Listerine for free!
There are other variations/products you can play with. Just look for ones that have both Walgreens and J & J deals listed.
Other products:…4294815983

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