Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS Ergonomic Mechanical Split-Keyboard (15% off), free shipping, 45 day free returns $153

By | December 31, 2020 12:06 pm EST

I’ve been using a MS Ergonomic Natural 4000 Keyboard at home for years. Before that I had the IBM M keyboard with clickety-clackety sound. It was louder than the loudest Cherry MX Blue switches. I had switched keyboards for a number of reasons.
- MS 4000 keyboard is dead silent (membrane switches)
- comfortable soft spongy wrist rest. it really matters for protecting your wrists (carpal tunnel)
- elevated wrist rest. Hardcore aficionado call it "tenting". Much more natural position. Think the Kinesis advantage2 ($300). I prefer a slight downward slope but at a minimum I think you should be flat. Some keyboards force your wrist on the table so your fingers are elevated onto the keys.
- inexpensive. There have been slickdeals selling it for as low as $10! During pandemic, there has been a shortage but I think that will clear up by summer.
I started looking at mechanical keyboards as they seem to be all the rage nowadays. The Cherry MX Brown seems to be the best compromise for people who don’t game much. They are very pricey, good ones are between $100-$200 and more. The ergonomic ones can go much higher. Dygma Raise is $319+!
I came across the Cloud Nine C989M, selling for $153 with coupon. Free 45 day return policy. Free shipping. It seems to be a nice progression from the MS 4000 keyboard. Split keyboard. Tenting (albeit one angle). Wrist rest. Macro keys. Full-size (I use keypad). Plus a number of other flourishes which I don’t care much for, ie RGB lighting.
Wanted to see what people thought about this deal? I haven’t pulled the trigger as my MS4000 is still pristine and working great. Price for a mechanical keyboard is about right but compared to $25 for a new MS4000, it’s still 7x more expensive. They also have certified refurb for $140.
Note: software does not support Mac. Sorry Mac people, maybe you can tell Cloud Nine to hurry up with that software.…c-keyboard

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