Clearance: Pre-seasoned Standing Prime Rib Roast $6.35/lb @ Costco YMMV B&M

By | January 2, 2021 11:40 pm EST
Hello all,
Was just at Costco and saw their Prime Rib Roasts. They didn’t have the price posted up above, but I checked the package and it was $6.35/lb. Likely they’re clearancing them since they have a sell by date of 01/05/21, at least at the Costco @ 99 in Fresno, CA. That means that it’ll probably only be available for the next few days. YMMV depending on your location.
I paid $5/lb for a full rib roast in a vacuum bag at the supermarket, so $6.35/lb ready to cook is pretty great.

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