Visible: Party Pay – now 4 or more $25 each (no limit), Canada & Mexico calling & 5G included.

By | February 9, 2021 1:09 pm EST

TL R? 15-second version:

  • You can now make free calls to Canada, Mexico & more. No extra cost, just our way of helping you stay connected.
  • Party Pay Uncapped and the Visible community platform are here – save money, get answers, find a party.
  • Our referral program is live – you save money, your friends and family get amazing phone service. Oh and eSIM makes it even easier.
  • We’ve got 5G. And the phones to run on it.

Want all the deets? Indulge in this 50-second version:
Calling out of the country.
You can now call Canada, Mexico, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico from the US at no extra cost. Stay connected with your friends and family, whether they’re here or north or south of the border. (Calls not working? Head to the Visible app to enable them.)
Party Pay is now unlimited. Find parties in the new Visible community platform.
Want to share the goodness of Party Pay pricing with more than just three lucky people? Now you can: we removed the four-person cap – so bring it on.
2 people in a party = $35 / line per month
3 people = $30 / line per month
4 or more = $25 / line per month
New joiners to Visible pay just $25 for their first month
Details here.
Members like you asked for a community platform where you could connect, share tips, and meet up for Party Pay. (You’d be shocked how many parties are made up of strangers ??) Head here to check out the new Visible community platform. Let’s get weird.
Referrals are here! (And eSIM helps.)
Ohhhh you like discounts? Us too. Now you can refer a friend, family member or hamster to Visible and score deep discounts. For each member who joins with your code, you’ll get a month of service for just $5. Terms apply; read on here.
(If your friend, family member or hamster has a newer iPhone, they may be able to activate Visible service in 15 minutes or less with eSIM. See here for details and compatible iPhones. Coming soon: eSIM for Android.)
5G powered by Verizon
You heard right: 5G powered by Verizon is here for compatible devices – offering speeds up to 200 Mbps, no added cost. Additionally, we have many of Samsung’s newest and greatest devices ready for 5G fun available here, and more are constantly being added to our family. Where is 5G available? Check out coverage here.

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