DK2 82″ X 19″ Avalanche Snow Plow Kit $1099.99 @costco

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Product Details
Designed for SUVs and light duty trucks.
A DK2 Avalanche AVAL8219 snow plow will have the same great quality and performance of the Rampage, Storm, & Summit Series snow plows with the added convenience of using a 2" front receiver hitch 2" front receiver hitch mounting system (not included). The Avalanche Series plows also arrive with a set of "blade stiffeners " that add to the robustness of the 2" front receiver mounting system. Sharply designed and manufactured using high quality steel, you will be able to clear your driveway in a fraction of the time it would take with a shovel or snow blower. These plows are capable of pushing large amounts of snow easily and efficiently without rusting or corroding, and are more than tough enough to take abuse without easily denting.
The DK2 Avalanche snow plow slips right into any standard 2" front receiver hitch for easy connection & disconnection. Plus you can use the front hitch for other accessories you might have. The Avalanche plows come complete with snow deflector, plow markers to make you aware of your blade width while plowing, scraper bar kit, skid shoes for plowing over uneven terrain, and a " landing gear " style caster kit to help mount and detach the plow as well as maneuvering the plow around when not in use. No need for any extra accessories we have you covered. A wireless controller allows you to raise or lower the blade without leaving the comfort of your cab.
Don’t get snowed-in this winter, get yourself a DK2 personal snow plow! It’s a sound investment you’re sure to enjoy for years.
Wireless controller to raise and lower blade
Can be manually adjusted and locked into three different angling positions
Easy to assemble with common hand tools
Attached " landing gear style " caster wheels makes attaching & detaching easy
Included Accessories:
Deflector kit: Decreases snow spray on windshield increasing visibility of what’s ahead of the vehicle
Blade markers: Allow for easy visibility of blade width from inside the vehicle to avoid collisions with stationary objects
Skid shoes: Allow for easy plowing of gravel surfaces or uneven terrain
Landing gear caster kit: Allow easy plow attachment, removal and roll away storage
Adjustable blade stiffeners will add support and robustness to the snowplow mounting system
Model #: AVAL8219

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