Klymit V-seat cushion – $8.99

By | February 13, 2021 6:22 pm EST

Klymit has an offer for a free gray V-seat cushion if you pay for Shipping (8.99). And when I purchased, it had a few pop-up deals on other products, as well. Ended up getting a 2nd V-seat cushion (burgundy) for 6.99 + 0.66 tax (shipping already included for that one). Not sure if it’s a great deal or not, but I thought I would rather bring inflatable seat cushions to games in the future (when the world opens up someday) than bulkier foam cushions… and I could also use them if I go camping. Thought I’d share here in case anyone else wanted them.
(So I ended up witb 2 Klymit inflatable seat cushions – 1 free one & 1 discounted one – for 16.60 total, including taxes & shipping.)

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