Wagner Spraytech MotoCoat Complete Car & Truck Sprayer, Model 0529031, $119.74 (shipping $11)

By | February 18, 2021 7:39 pm EST

Update: Now a massive deal with $20 off coupon code 273770. (h/t Jeff34270), price is $119.74.
I’ve been waiting on a good price on one of these for awhile because it gets great reviews for auto painting but needs no air compressor (usually auto painting requires 14 to 18 CFM). It’s currently $190 – $200 everwhere else. This is the lowest price by far on triple-C except one day in 2016, and even adding shipping if you can’t pick it up, it’s only gotten this low a couple times.
I hesitated for a second before buying and waited to post because it’s labeled "Disinfectant Sprayer" at this link, but I took a chance based on the model number, pictures, & seeing no evidence from Wagner that they have a different model for disinfectant spraying. It arrived today and it’s the real deal auto sprayer (pics attached). Maybe they call it that to allow the markdown.
And here’s the Amazon link so you can see the reviews:

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