Martin Special D Ovangkol Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar $999.99 (save 38%) or $920 (with Rewards) + free S&H

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Martin Special D Ovangkol Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural is for sale at Musician’s Friend for $999.99 (save $600, discount of 38% from $1599.99).
Save extra 8% with Rewards Program (cash for future purchase) for price of $919.99.
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Deal is valid until 8:00 am EST on Feb-20 or when sold out.
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Inspired appointments give it a vintage look while a slim neck profile and Fishman electronics make it a versatile instrument for the modern guitarist
Part of Martin’s Performing Artist Series, the D Special Ovangkol Dreadnought acoustic-electric guitar features a blend of the legendary Martin tone with solid-wood construction and elegant appointments. This instrument was designed for the player searching for a fine acoustic guitar that is attractive, and versatile enough to cover a variety of musical styles and performance techniques. This D Special Ovngkol Dreadnought boasts a Sitka spruce top, ovangkol back and sides, mahogany neck and innovative Fishman electronics. This instrument can cover a lot of ground. Its punchy warmth and clear top-end power means it’s great for strumming chords, playing with a band, or solo coffee house gig.
Includes premium gig bag.
Tonewood and Bracing
As an African relative to rosewood, ovangkol was selected for its tonal characteristics of a balanced low end, full mid-range and crisp top end. Ovangkol is the perfect choice for players that are searching for an all-purpose instrument that works well in a variety of musical situations. To dial in the right amount of tone and projection, the Sitka spruce top has been braced to perfection, using Martin’s world-renown 5/16" Forward Shifted Scalloped X Bracing Pattern. This pattern was made famous during Martin’s "Golden Era" of guitar building in the 1930s; and since then, the Martin Forward Shifted X Brace has been one of the most respected and collectable sound in acoustic guitar history. To round out the presentation, these instruments are adorned with an attractive aged toner, antique white binding and state-of-the-art Fishman Matrix VT Enhanced electronics.
Playability is a must for many of today’s demanding musical styles, and Martin has got you covered. The 2018 D Special Performing Artist Ovangkol Deluxe Dreadnought has one of the most comfortable necks on the market. Martin’s Performing Artist Neck, with High Performance Taper, has a slimmer profile that allows you to glide across the neck with ease. You will hardly notice the difference as you transition from playing your electric guitar to this easy-playing instrument. And, as a bonus, each guitar receives a computerize PLEK setup for the perfect custom action of each instrument. If you’re a fingerstyle player, singer-songwriter, professional or weekend hobbyist, you are going to love the way this guitar sounds and feels.
Fishman Matrix VT Enhanced Electronics
The D Special Performing Artist Ovangkol Deluxe is equipped with the Fishman Matrix VT Enhanced to deliver a new level of superior sound quality and dynamic playing response. The result is a sound that is pure Martin, with amazing responsiveness to your playing dynamics and touch. The Fishman Matrix VT Enhanced is unobtrusive, with no controls or holes cut into the side of the guitar. The easy-to-use Volume, Tone and Enhance Blend controls are mounted inside the soundhole for convenient access during performance. It combines a Fishman unique under-the-saddle pickup with Fishman’s Enhance bridge plate transducer. This patented technology is used to bring out the sound of the body, and the dynamic and percussive elements of guitar playing. The Enhance Transducer is specially designed to capture dynamic and percussive attack of the guitar top while being highly resistant to the energy that manifests in string squeak, body handling noise, and parasitic feedback. You’ll hear the guitar exactly as you play it, without any sound coloration or dead spots.
Aging toner
Antique white binding
Fishman Matrix VT Enhanced electronics
Ovangkol body

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