Japanese Kugihiki Flush Cutting Saw $21.49, Japanese Razorsaw Dozuki Dovetail Saw $32.99 – free shipping

By | April 1, 2021 12:09 pm EST

Woodcraft has two different models of their popular Japanese made hand saws on sale in this months flier.
The Gyokucho Razorsaw Dozuki hand saw (No. 306) with Replaceable Blade is a dovetail pull saw with a spine running the entire length of the blade. This saw has very fine teeth and is used for making finish cuts for joinery and other finish work. Cuts are very smooth; with practice you can make finish cuts that don’t need sanding or chisel finish work.
Because the spine runs the length of the blade the steel is very thin with minimal kerf (0.012"). Teeth are impulse hardened for extended wear. The blade length is 9½? and overall length is 21?. 18 TPI with a curved end for cutting veneer and starting cuts in mid-panel. Replacement blade #155684.
The Harima "Kugihiki" Flush Cutting saw has a spineless, flexible blade used for flush cutting dowels, pegs, plugs, etc. The 5 3/4" blade has 22 TPI with a 0 set so there is minimal marring of the finish. Also rattan/bamboo wrapped wooden handle.
Free shipping with code: SAWDUST
Prices valid until 4/30/21.

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