Lenovo – S345-14AST 14″ 1080p backlit keyboard Chromebook from $120.99 YMMV

By | April 3, 2021 2:56 pm EST

Yse, I know it is a chromebook
Yes, I know, it is only 32GB storage
Yes, I know, it is an A6
Yes, I know, it is not a gaming machine
Yes, I know it is not a 2 in 1
Yes, I know it only has 4GB ram.
Yes, I know it doesn’t have an HDMI port
Yes, I know it is open box
But it is a perfectly usable couch surfing device.
I suddenly became in need of a new Chromebook and came across this open box deal at Best Buy where, they are 1) on sale for $269, but 2) their open box prices, are less than 50% of the sale price. So, I picked one up for $125.99 at my local Best Buy box store. It had no box or anything, but was in like new condition. They still have at least one other available at the same store for the same price. Even if all they had in your area was the Open Box certified, that is still $70 off the sale price and under $200 at $193.99.
So, no, I am not saying this is a powerhouse device, but a 1080p monitor with a backlit keyboard and touchscreen with access to the play store and the ability to use Linux apps with Crostini for under $200 seems reasonable to me. I have been using for a couple of days now and have no complaints.

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