Unadvertised Aldi Specials: Dozen Eggs, 4 Rolls of TP, Antibacterial Disinfectant… $0.49

By | April 24, 2021 3:42 am EST

Here are some unadvertised specials that I found at my local Aldi’s, although availability and prices might be different at your local store. YMWV
The first three items are at $.49 – less than half a buck.
A box of 1 dozen large Goldhen eggs – Limit 6 boxes and yes, on sale for $.49 a box
A review/advertisement of Goldhen eggs can be found at https://www.aldireviewer.com/goldhen-eggs/
The next two items look like clearance sales to me:
4 rolls of Snow Soft TP – Total 123.8 sq ft. for $.49
Average quality of soft 2 ply at an amazing price of .396 cent/sq. ft
1 quart of Envirocleanse Antibacterial Disinfectant- Bleach Free
Use for surface cleaning of hard non-porous surfaces
Finally, a 1 lb. jar of Southern Grove Peanuts at $1.49
Aldi’s does have a delivery option and curbside pickup if you register with them, but I’m not familiar with how this works. I think, although I might be wrong, that the sale prices may only be in-store.
If you have an Aldi’s near you and never go there, they also have good prices on bread, peanut butter, and other items. I like their Hummus ($1.95 for 10 oz of Roasted Red Pepper or Significantly Spicy), Cottage Cheese ($1.59 for 24 oz.) and Sparkling Water ($.55 for 1 qt.)

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