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By | April 30, 2021 11:18 am EST

You can get up to 10 lines on AT&T prepaid for $140. Lines 4 to 10 are just $10 each. Each line includes 5GB data. Rollover Data, Mobile hotspot, Unlimited Voice and Text. This is such a good deal, I am not sure why it is not talked about more. You can buy discounted AT&T Prepaid gift cards to save even more, (these deals are posted on SD regularly.) I believe you also save on taxes by paying with the gift cards.
1 Line 5GB – $30
2 Lines 5GB – $50
3 Lines 5GB – $70
4 Lines 5GB – $80
5 Lines 5GB – $90
6 Lines 5GB – $100
7 Lines 5GB – $110
8 Lines 5GB – $120
9 Lines 5GB – $130
10 Lines 5GB – $140
AT&T prepaid works a little differently, in the fact that you do not just have 1 account for all the lines. This was very confusing to me at first.
This is the way AT&T describes it:
Step 1: Buy and activate new lines individually
Step 2 Chosen account owner signs into myAT&T
Step 3 Select Multi-Line Discount within myAT&T

  • This is the Key step, you must select BUSINESS Account here, this allows the option of lines 6 to 10. (There is not check for business or anything like that)

Step 4 Follow the prompts to invite member lines
Step 5 Enroll in AutoPay and pay for all lines
The account owner pays for all the lines, and the individual accounts can login and see their usage, etc… This is helpful since some on my account are not in my household.
I was on Cricket Grandfather plan of 5 lines for $100 (8mbit version, since AIO days,) I needed to remove someone and add another person, but could not because I would lose the grandfathered plan. I also could not change that data allotment for anyone for the same reasons, and I really needed Mobile Hotspot. On AT&T prepaid you can have 1 person on 15GB, one on Unlimited as needed, but obviously you would need to pay more.
My first line was a direct port from T-Mobile, I used the AT&T website and had a SIM card sent to me (Free), I got this line setup first, and it became the "Account Owner." Then you setup this line for "Multiline discount" and select that it is a "BUSINESS ACCOUNT"
Note 1: For the Cricket conversions, I went to an AT&T store (Corporate apparently works better), and they transitioned the phone numbers to AT&T Prepaid. Note: They cannot do it all in one quick move, each line has to be done individually, and create an individual AT&T account. You MAY have to pay a $15 fee for this, but I did not have to pay.
Note 2: After Rollover Data, you do have 128KBS data for the rest of the month. I never thought the 8mbit speed cap on Cricket was that bad, but I do notice that things will load a little faster on AT&T Prepaid, since it is not speed capped. Obviously downloading large files will be much faster on AT&T than cricket, but I don’t do that too often on a Cell phone. I also find that AT&T Wifi-Calling works better than Cricket (I have all iPhones) but is YMMV)
AT&T Help document:…/KM1117074
Savings example: though it only goes to 5 lines

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