WiZ Wi-Fi LED Strip Starter Kit, 13 FT (2m+2m) $29.99 free shipping (requires Costco membership)

By | May 20, 2021 2:01 pm EST

Costco has their Wiz products on sale again.
They have their Wiz LED strips on sale:
$49.99 – $20 Discount = $29.99 +tax with free shipping.
This starter pack includes the AC adapter and switch + 2m + 2m led strips, so 4m (13ft) total. These are Wifi only, so keep that in mind.
Personally I love these strips. These work with Homekit if you use use the Wiz plugin with Homebridge.
Adaptive lighting works, which is why I like these strips. I also have their RGB downlights, and they work with the plugin as well with adaptive lighting.
In comparison the Philips Hue strips cost $80 for the 2m base kit, plus $25 PER 1m extension.
Philips Hue 4m of strip: $80 + $25 + $25 = $130
Philips Wiz 4m of strip (this deal): $30
For less money you could get 4 of these starter kits and have a total of 16m of LED strips.

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