NordicTrack S22i Commercial Studio Cycle $1499 – Amazon Treasure Truck

By | May 22, 2021 9:08 pm EST
This is an insane deal. Regular price is $2000 when they are available and often higher when stock is limited. This is worlds better than Peleton and I will physically fight anyone who says differently! LOL
I know because I came oh-so-close to buying a Peloton and discovered this bike just in time to buy it instead. No regrets. Since this is Slickdeals, I’ll point out that in addition to being a superior bike it includes one year of membership which saves you another $500 or so. With Peloton you get one month free then you have to start paying the subscription.

This is on the Amazon Treasure Truck so may not be available everywhere
(I checked Los Angeles and Las Vegas). If you are thinking about a high-end stationary bike JUMP ON THIS! If this gets a bunch of down votes it is from Peloton fan boys. Ignore them. Seriously consider this bike and do your own evaluation.
P.S. If you read any comparison reviews, the biggest gripe is usually that Peloton has better music than NordicTrack. This has always seemed super ridiculous to me but this difference no longer exists. NordicTrack now has popular music if that matters to you. I am not a fan of pop music anyway so I turn the music volume down on the bike (you can independently control it) and play my own tunes. Another old gripe is that you can’t pair it with bluetooth devices but now you can do that as well. They push updates very regularly.

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