Penguin Toilets 524 White WaterSense Elongated Comfort Height 2-Piece Smart Toilet 12-in Rough-In Size (ADA Compliant) $64.06 @lowes YMMV in store only

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Finally, a toilet with overflow protection. Think about it, for years, sinks and bath tubs have had overflow drains. Penguin technology has designed a toilet that allows the contents to drain out through a separate line in the event of a clog in the main trap. This secondary drain system adds protection to a toilet against overflow. Ready for use in new construction or use as a drop-in replacement for all standard toilets. No need to re-pipe or replace the existing plumbing system. Simply remove the old toilet and install the new Penguin toilet. If a blockage occurs and the toilet clogs up, water continues to rise until it reaches the primary overflow holes in the back of the bowl. At this point, the water drains through the secondary system bypassing the main trap and drain. Relax; knowing that you are protected from messy and potentially damaging and costly toilet overflows. Up, WaterSense and ADA compliant.
Award winning design with secondary drain for built-in overflow protection with great flush performance at 1.28 GPF WaterSense certified
Patented Penguin protection technology included with 100% FluidMaster parts with 5 year limited warranty
Specially designed or adapted for the use or benefit of the blind or other physically or mentally handicapped persons
A toilet overflow can happen at any time – be protected with a Penguin when it does

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