New Balance 880v10 Running Shoe $73 at JackRabbit w/Free Ship

By | July 8, 2021 11:16 pm EST

  • JackRabbit has New Balance 880v10 Running Shoe for $72.98
    Apply Code NJB7M
    • Men’s $72.98
      • Silver Mink/Lemon Slush | Black/White
    • Women’s $72.98
      • Light Slate | Black/White

About This Item:

  • Surface: Road, Gyms, Flats
  • Category: Neutral Cushioned Intended for runners who have a higher, more stable arch that does not pronate excessively (roll inwards) or may even supinate (roll outwards).
  • Neutral Cushioned shoes offer very little or no structure or pronation support and are generally more flexible than stability shoes.
  • Runners who require a neutral shoe tend to notice more excessive wear on the lateral (outside) side of the soles of their running shoes. Neutral shoes can vary from lightweight and minimal cushioning to maximum levels of cushioning depending on the needs and preferences of the runner.
  • Runners with high/stable arches tend to notice pain on the outside(lateral side) of their shins and knees and may also battle plantar fasciitis if not wearing a neutral cushioned shoe.

About This Deal:

  • This offer for the New Balance 880v10 Running Shoe is a $56.97 (-43.83% Savings) off the list price
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