Kohls 30% off + Kohls cash is back

By | July 22, 2021 5:28 pm EST

Thank you people – good job not shopping at Kohls for a while – they had to bring back the Kohl’s cash. You can earn Kohl’s cash from now until July 25.
As you know – Kohl’s has eliminated generic 30% off coupons. However, you are welcome to use the code that they sent me – should be good for 10 uses – so 1st come 1st served.
B9U2URXVHDNXQ – code all used up. Sorry.
Store Locator:
Hopefully others will post their coupons.
Note: Only works with Kohl’s charge (and gift cards). I started using a different credit card and it removed the 30%. I haven’t done this but I wonder if we could buy a Kohl’s gift card using a credit card to get the 2% on the credit card and then turn around and use the gift card for the transaction. Should be possible and I didn’t do it since I had enough gift cards to mostly cover the transaction. However, even if there is no balance left to pay after gift card, the remaining ($0) should have the Kohls credit card – else I don;t believe that the coupon will work. Off I will go to BBY tomorrow to buy more Kohl’s gift cards at discount using Chase offers.
Also note that Kohl’s payment interface has become suckier – seems to allow only 2 gift cards – so if you are buying gift cards, I suggest buying high denomination gift cards.

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