Bosch CRS180B 18 V Reciprocating Saw With free 18v 4.0 AH battery with charger. $119

By | August 19, 2021 2:49 pm EST

Second all time post, last one was years ago, please be kind. I ran across this looking for a corded reciprocating saw and thought it would be of interest if you are in the cordless Bosch world. A normal price for the saw but the free battery and charger make it more compelling.
The saw has an orbital stroke which I prefer, a storage bag (not all that common at this price) and a blade. I have a few Bosch routers and a circular saw and I’m pleased with them. Ratings for this saw are fairly strong but in my mind you need to be a Bosch 18v enthusiast for this to make sense.
Oh, don’t forget that Lowe’s will offer 10% discount for veterans and 5% discount for their credit card members – can’t stack these discounts, just one or the other.
Just put the item in the cart and the add on should appear in your cart.…ed/3583984
From the Lowe’s website:
The Bosch CRS180B 18 V Reciprocating Saw is built to easily move through hard tasks in places other reciprocating saws can’t fit. It has the best power-to-weight ratio in its class. And at only 17.4 In. long and 7.6 Lbs., this formidable but compact cordless reciprocating saw allows electricians or plumbers with a tool that delivers an efficient 1-1/8 In. stroke, to remove more material per stroke. The tool’s light weight is ideal for continuous cutting over-the-head. The easy-to-operate Lock-Jaw™ blade-change system allows for fast one-handed blade changes. It has two speed ranges – 0-2,400 SPM and 0-2,700 SPM – to match the speed of the cut to the material, and it easily handles multiple materials. The CRS180B is a bare tool; the battery and charger are sold separately.
Compact design, with a tool length of only 17.4 In. for tight spaces
Weighs only 6.35 Lbs., great for overhead work
Long 1-1/8 In. stroke for more efficient material removal
Best-in-class power-to-weight ratio
One-handed Lock-Jaw blade-change system
Two speed settings and variable-speed trigger, to ease into cut
Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) protects the motor against overload and ensures a long lifetime
Bosch FatPack Batteries (sold separately) feature the CoolPack design with a special heat-conductive housing and ribbing that cools them by drawing out heat out, providing battery life of up to 100% over lithium-ion batteries without CoolPack design
Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) protects the battery against overload, overheating and deep discharge

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