$4.99 at VUDU 4K UHD movie film THE WALK Movies Anywhere MA compatible, also Mighty Joe Young and Paramount horror thriller collection

By | August 25, 2021 7:59 pm EST

Kind of slim pickings on the digital movie sale front this week. Although previously sold by Amazon and iTunes, THE WALK is now available for $4.99 at VUDU. This film is Movies Anywhere compatible and will port to your favorite movie repo.
Also on sale which might be of interest for DIsney complete-ists is the 90s remake of Mighty Joe Young. Charlize Theron…hard to believe she’s never accepted a marriage proposal. Kind of makes you wonder what some people are looking for. Or perhaps not looking at all.
Lastly, there is a really good Paramount horror/thriller bundle. If your movies call VUDU home, this is a great bunch of films to own as long as you keep in mind Paramount does not participate in Movies Anywhere. I own every one of these movies. Happy viewing.

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