VUDU 4K UHD movie film Double Feature Bundle Sale from $6.99. DIRTY HARRY COLLECTION ($25) and EL MARIACHI TRILOGY ($16)

By | September 8, 2021 11:15 am EST…Sale/11636
For the next week, VUDU has having a Double Feature Bundle Sale from $6.99 each. Most bundles listed here are $9.99, and I’ve marked those which are Movies Anywhere compatible. Here are the two best bundles IMO. Been waiting a while for the Dirty Harry bundle to hit $25 and the Mariachi Trilogy to hit $15.
$24.99 for Dirty Harry (MA):…le-/565363
$15.99 for El Mariachi Trilogy (MA):…le-/596017
Alien: Covenant/Prometheus (MA)…le-/882845
Midway/Hacksaw Ridge…e-/1365786
Now You See Me double feature…e-/1074676
RED 1 & 2…le-/492336
The Evil Dead 1 & 2…le-/903737
The Kingsman 2 movie collection (MA)…le-/912487
Bone Tomahawk/Brawl in Cell Block 99…e-/1431189
Home Alone double feature (MA)…es-/405999
Hot Shots!/Hot Shots! Part Deux (MA)…e-/1015059
Legends of the Fall/A River Runs Through It (MA)…le-/861440
The Quake/The Wave…e-/1084172
Wes Anderson Two-Movie Collection: Fantastic Mr. Fox & Isle of Dogs (MA)…le-/956667
X-Files Film Collection (MA)…ion/901161

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