Total Wireless – iPhone SE 2020 Reconditioned $123

By | September 13, 2021 8:01 pm EST
  1. There’s a $32.50 off coupon available when you first log on to the site and put in an email – it takes off 25% off the base price
  2. Add the reconditioned iphone SE 2020
  3. Add the $25 plan
  4. Add the coupon and final price should be $123 plus taxes
  5. Phone ships pretty fast with fedex – no shipping charges

Trade in value for this phone is $205 on Apple (could change tomorrow after iphone 13 launch). So its a straight ~$80 profit for someone looking to trade up.
Black SE 2020 64GB iphone SE – reconditioned (but these look new). the phone comes in a generic box in partial shrink wrap, with a 5W OEM charger, USB-A to Lightning OEM cable, Lightning Apple earpods (Wired) OEM, SIM card
The battery age is 100%, and warranty is for a full year from date of activation.
The phone is locked. I assume R-SIM shold work…onditioned

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