Home Depot Kids DIY Kit – Fire Chief’s Car

By | September 15, 2021 10:53 am EST

If you like the DIY kits from Lowe’s these are similar – except with the Home Depot kids DIY kits you will get a pin instead of a patch. They have everything in needed to build the kit, minus the tools.
This October’s DIY kit is a Fire Chief’s Car. At my Lowe’s they just have boxes of these kits behind the Customer Service desk. You have to go to the CS desk and ask for one, it wasn’t advertised anywhere at my store. I’ve received two different answers from two different CS reps of when they get them in. One told me at the beginning of the month, but when I went in on the 2nd I was told they don’t usually get a new shipment in till the middle of the month.

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