7 PCVR games Steam Keys (Compatible with a variety of VR devices) savings of $116.94 $7.99

By | September 25, 2021 11:54 pm EST

VR Thrills Bundle
New games that I have not seen repeatedly on sale. Been wanting to try traffic jams with the kids. Love Acron. The other games look good as well. They appear to work with the oculus rift/quest 2 but I have not tried them yet. While I prefer games that run directly from my oculus, I believe Steam offers a longer life for our game collection but I am not looking to open a debate. I would buy these games from the oculus store if they were on sale. Traffic Jams is $20 on either steam or oculus. Here you get 7 games for $7.99
Fantastic Contraption
Ground Hog Day Like father like son
Hello Puppets
Traffic Jams
Xing: The Land Beyond
StarBear Taxi

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