YMMV — In-store only – Pathfinder 4 PERSON Inflatable Raft Boat With Pump & Oars Sports River Canoe Rafting Outdoor Beach Lake WLM8 (67889) – $108.99 on Walmart.com, $35.48YMMV

By | September 28, 2021 8:41 am EST

This is going to be YMMV and store-only as it is $108.99 on Walmart.com.
This went down to $39.99 a few months ago in June, now it is $35.48 in South Florida, at least. Not even in the clearance section, just as if normally priced. Comes with oars and plastic hand pump.
In response to other reviews/comments the last time this was on sale, NO, this cannot mount a motor. This is the "pool toy" equivalent for inflatables. It is $35.48 at my Walmart right now. Tie an anchor line to it and put in a cooler and use it for kids/adults to play in at the beach while snorkeling, etc. The weak oars will be useless at the beach. The raft is floppy and not super durable. Heavy use and it will eventually pop a seam or get a leak somewhere or wear out the blow-up valve. But for occasional use at a lake or beach, this Pathfinder is fine and pretty big at 10ft long overall. If you would like to use it more often, or even for occasional fishing, you need something better. But if used just for weekend summer fun, at $35.48 it is a bargain with 748lb capacity/660lb for people.
For comparison, Aldi’s recently had the Explorer 200 2-man with 210lb capacity for $16.99 (210lbs for 2 people?, more like a parent an child if you are lucky), also coming with oars. The box has almost the same footprint (LxW) but 1/3 the height.
The Intex Excursion 4 and 5 are a step up or ‘two’ in durability, but cost at least $100 even when on sale, and the Intex Mariner 4 is definitively the most Heavy Duty of the "cheap" inflatables, but costs at least $200+ when on sale and weighs about 80lbs empty! Sevylor Fish Hunter 360 is also popular and almost as durable as Intex Mariner 4 with inner/outer hulls. People create rigid wood floors for all of these models for fishing (lots of youtube and diy websites), and they can all fit motor mounts for electric trawling motors. Stepping up from this gets you into the $1000 dollar range of a rigid bottom zodiac-style dinghy.

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