Benchmade 275FE-2 ADAMAS, 3.82″ Flat Earth Cerakote CPM-CruWear Plain Blade, Olive Drab G-10 Handle $202.30 with BR549 Promo code

By | September 30, 2021 2:49 pm EST has a promo code for 15% discount on MAP pricing of all their in stock Benchmades. the code is BR549 It use to 20% but 15% is still a deal. I’ve been on the look out for this specific knife. It won’t last long, this is the plain edge which is more popular than the combo edge.
I have the mini version and I like it so much Im going to give the full size version a try. Yes I am aware the price is a lot higher than non-knife fans are willing to pay.…10-handle/

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