Amazon Samsung Pro+ 128GB with microSD USB reader for up to 160MB/s $27.99

By | November 24, 2021 9:47 am EST

Posting this deal to mainly highlight the need for an appropriate usb reader that supports UHS-I DDR208 protocol allowing over 100MB/s read and write speeds for these 2021 EVO select and PRO Sd cards on sale this week. Previously only Sandisk Extreme pro used this protocol to achieve up to 170MB/s read speeds and also needed a new sandisk reader. Most devices and built in card readers in laptops and usb/thunderbolt dock only support UHS-I DDR104 and only up to 100 MB/s read speeds.
On sale for Black Friday:
Samsung Pro+ 128GB with USB A microsd card reader for up to 160MB/s Read/120MB/s Write
Amazon SD card and Reader $27.99 . Shipping is free w/ Prime or on orders of $25+.
Samsung SD card and Reader $27.99 . Shipping is Free.
With superfast U3, class 10 rated transfer speeds of up to 160MB/s¹,²and UHS-I Interface³ big apps load and run smoothly, while 4K video remains sharp with A2, V30, and UHS-I Interface
Main differences from the Amazon Evo Select 128GB currently on sale for $15.99 with Free Shipping
1. Pro has faster read up to 160 Read /120 MBps write (instead of 130 read MB/s with write not listed for EVO select)
2. Pro deal includes the microsd card reader which supports the DDR208 protocol and allows the over 100 MB/s fast read and write speeds.
The Samsung card reader are not sold by themselves and only packaged with Samsung Pro plus cards. Only the 128GB and reader package is discounted right now on Amazon and Samsung.
Alternative Lexar microsd USB A card reader that supports the DDR208 protocol these cards use to achieve faster read/write $11.99. Can be used for any microsd UHS-I card brand now listing read and write speeds over 100 MB/s using UHS-I (most previously needed UHS II to achieve faster speeds)

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