Jet 1020 open ended drum sander at Lowes $907.78

By | December 24, 2021 5:34 am EST

Lowes has a Jet 1020 open ended drum sander around $240 cheaper than other stores. It will sand up to 10 inches on one pass then you turn it around for a total capacity of 20 inches. It is a benchtop sander. shows it can be delivered to the store or home for free. The normal price for this thing is around $1150 plus shipping, which usually requires a freight charge.…5001784853
It doesn’t have a lot of capacity but it might be useful for someone. These rarely go on sale. Lowes also has the larger 2550 sander on their site for $2100, which is $400 cheaper than anywhere else, but they are out of stock.

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