CVS ExtraCare Members: In Store- Select vitamins and Sleep Meds for $0.99 ; Excellent deal on Melatonin

By | December 30, 2021 4:59 am EST

For extracare members, IN Store – CVS has select Melatonin and Sleep aid SKUS , select Vitamin SKUs (Zinc , B12 , vit C, etc) for $0.99. I am listing the ones I found in my local store along with Brickseek links . Limit 3 per card. (the fourth one rung at full price for me). This is an excellent deal for Melatonin tabs.
Melatonin and Sleep aid SKUs:
1.CVS Health Melatonin Tablets 3 mg (SKU 419642 ; regular price :$9.79):…sku=419642
2. CVS Health Melatonin Tablets 5mg (SKU 710791 ; regular price :$11.29) :…sku=710791
3. CVS Health Melatonin Quick Dissolve Tablets 10mg, 60CT (SKU 965746 ; regular price :$14.49) :…sku=965746
4. CVS Health Sleep Aid Mini-Caplets Nighttime (SKU 155756 ; regular price :$5.29):…sku=155756
5. CVS Health Melatonin Timed Release Tablets 5 mg, 90 CT (SKU 866534 ; regular price :$9.79):…sku=866534
6. CVS Health Nighttime Sleep Aid Softgels (SKU 918867 ; regular price :$8.99):…sku=918867
7. CVS Health Maximum Strength Nightime Sleep Aid Softgels 50 mg ( SKU 864199; regular price :$8.99):…sku=864199
Vitamins and Minerals:
1. CVS Health Vitamin B12 Timed Release Tablets 1000mcg, 60CT (SKU 247321; regular price :$7.79) :…sku=247321
2.CVS Health Vitamin C Tablets 250mg, 100CT (SKU 977150 ; regular price :$3.89):…sku=977150
3.CVS Health Folic Acid Tablets 800mcg, 100CT (SKU 300258 ; regular price :$2.99) :…sku=300258
4.CVS Health Zinc 50 Mg Tablets (SKU 247239 ; regular price :$5.99):…sku=247239
Pain relief:
1.CVS Health Extra Strength Pain Relief PM Caplets (SKU 245414 ; regular price :$5.99):…sku=245414
Please do add if you find any more SKUs.
Couple of points:
1. Offer ends Saturday (1Jan 2022)
2. Limit 3 per extracare card (Any 3 – Mix and match)
3. Works best on Melatonin. (all melatonin bottles are at regular price of $8.99 or higher)
4. Average deal on the vitamins – CVS sometimes tends to give them for free. Still pretty low price if you need these right away.

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