American Express Gold 75,000 Membership Rewards Signup Bonus $250

By | December 30, 2021 1:11 pm EST

Most people will be able to replicate this deal if you follow instructions. If you do not see the 75,000 MR points verbiage, do not apply and read this post carefully before retrying.
Also note that Amex Gold card comes with a $250 annual fee. This card boasts a $120 Grubhub/Seamless credit and $120 uber credit that can also be used for Uber Eats and rides. These two $240 credit help me offset the annual fee but I understand this may not be as useful to everyone so weigh in the cost/benefit prospect before you apply.
Here’s step by step guide in case the 75,000 amex mr points Signup Bonus (60,000 regular offer) offer doesn’t show up for you.
Option 1:
- Open this post in Google Chrome Incognito mode or Edge InPrivate mode (google is your friend if you need help with that)
- Click the following link and pick Amex Gold Card ONLY if it shows the 75,000 MR points signup offer after spending $4,000 in 6 months:…gold-card/
- If you don’t see the 75,000 verbiage, close Chrome/Edge and retry.
- This may take a few attempts for some but if that doesn’t work, try option 2.
Option 2:
- Open this post on your phone (android or iphone)
- Click the green button that says See Deal or Apply.
- Only apply if you see the 75,000 points offer.
Lots of people will ask the value of Amex Membership Rewards points, and this points can be very valuable if redeemed the right way. I don’t want to go into details, but if you want, you can visit this link to get some ideas.…p-rewards/…gold-card/

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