Apple Watch SE – 40mm GPS (midnight only) $204

By | December 30, 2021 10:19 pm EST

This is probably one of the better deals i have seen on a Apple Watch SE, here are the steps of how I got to this:
Go to paypal and sign up for the $25 off $250 deal, during purchase its a instant $25 off in in the check out page:
Follow this in slick deal if you need help signing up getting it;
A few key points, when price matching you need to match not only the model but the color as well; so In this case; You are price matching walmart’s apple watch se gps only 40mm midnight color
You will need to buy it at full price at best buy’s website, $279 before tax and then use paypal during check out, and it will auto apply the $25 discount during check out (make sure you sign up for the deal mentioned above);
Once you buy the watch at Best Buy’s website through paypal. Go back to the main page open the chat box and talk to a live agent for price match; Send them the walmart link and your order number and they will refund you $50 through your original payment (paypal)
So the math should be $279 – $25 (paypal discount) – $50 (best buy refund) = $204 before tax
**If you have Chase Freedom, which i do, you will also get a 5% back in points for Q4-2021 purchasing through paypal using Chase freedom credit card, so that’s another $14 worth of points;…Id=5706649

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