Wildgame Innovations Switch 14 Lightsout Trail Camera – 14MP $24.98 minus $10 Mail in Rebate plus shipping – $24.98

By | December 31, 2021 9:57 am EST

Another nice deal on a Wildgame trail camera. $24.98 – $10 mail in rebate = $14.98 plus shipping. If you are a dicks sporting goods reward member shipping is free if you purchase two cameras ($49 gets you free shipping)
I own this camera and the door to open the camera is difficult to operate but for the price point, it’s a good deal. Plus the pictures are good for this camera. I own 4 of these cameras and ran them for two years nonstop and have had no issues besides the cumbersome door.
Here is the link to the $10 mail in rebate. Rebate form says $10 rebate is limited to one per household.
FYI. I run lots of cameras on my properties, from high end to low end. In my experiences, unfortunately all cameras experience failure. For my uses and needs, this camera works fine. Plus, for $24.98 you get a 14 MP camera and don’t feel bad if it fails or if a woodpecker takes it out like you do with an expensive camera. Even a better deal if you do the rebate.
Dicks is also selling the same version of the camera at 12 MP for the same price:

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