Min Min amiibo – Nintendo Switch – Super Smash Bros. Series, $15.99

By | April 29, 2022 12:29 pm EST

Min Min amiibo are available today (probably only today for a short time) at BestBuy.com for Free Pickup at your local store. Mine says it will arrive to pickup on May 11th.
You could also try your local Gamestop in-store this morning. They didn’t get many, but worth a try if you want to use your $5 Pro coupon or something.
I haven’t seen it go up on Gamestop.com, and I only saw it go on Target.com for less than an hour this morning. It was in the Nintendo Store as a pre-order a few weeks back, but I think you have to pay shipping with that order. Seems like a super limited run. Good luck!
Please TU if you appreciated this notification. I know this will get TD from people that either want to scalp or say "MSRP isn’t a deal!", but this just released today, and is already sold out on Target.com, and are very limited stock in-store at Gamestop (like 4 per store from what I saw), so grab it now if you don’t want to pay the scalpers on ebay! It was very quietly advertised and I know I would have easily forgotten.

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