eufy Security – Outdoor Cam Pro Wired 2K Spotlight Camera – Black $49.99

By | May 1, 2022 2:10 am EST

eufy Security Outdoor Cam Pro 2K is a wired 2K Wi-Fi surveillance camera that is completely free of the bounds of an external system hub- instead storing all the information locally in the 32gb SD card that comes with it. Check your high-quality, encrypted, 2K footage whenever you need to via the eufy Security app and only be alerted of the things that matter with AI Human and Pet detection. Outdoor Cam Pro is not compatible with eufy HomeBase. The USB adapter is not waterproof, a cover is required for outdoor use.
Additional Note; Pretty sure all time low. These are the 2k cameras, but only available in the color black.…Id=6460115

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