HAZET 163-296/7 12-Point Double Box-End Metric Wrench Set – Made in Germany ($109.76 + Free Ship from UK)

By | May 4, 2022 12:43 pm EST

Expensive, yes, but looks like Amazon UK has the best deal on this by far. A lot of sellers have this over $200, and KC Tool has it at $182. I consider Hazet to be the Snap-On of Germany, and Hazet is priced like Snap-On. One individual wrench from this set was being sold on Grainger for over $50 if that gives you any idea how much they go for, individually.
Hazet 163-296/7 Double box-end wrench set – 12 pt
HAZET Safety-Insert-System (SIS)
Safety-Insert-System, 2-component soft foam insert. Insert also suitable for HAZET Assistent
Made in Germany
Output: Outside 12-point profile
Net weight: 1.13 kg
Suitable for all HAZET tool trolleys Assistent with drawers
For tool trolleys Assistent 173, 179 (XL-XXL) and 180, we recommend usage of the soft foam inserts 163-522×40 or 163-522×50
Number of tools: 7 Stück
Double box-end wrench 630-6X7 – 630-8X9 – 630-10X11 – 630-12X13 – 630-14X15 – 630-17X19 – 630-21X22


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