YMMV (maybe) Gourmet Duck Fat Cooking Oil Spray – Gluten Free – Walmart.com – $5.98

By | June 4, 2022 1:12 pm EST

Cleared my local Wal-Mart of the canned Spray Duck fat. Normally gourmet food stores, meat markets, Amazon sell this for $9.98-$15.98 a can. My local store had it on clearance for $5.98 in their baking aisle. Along with this I was able to buy a 5 pound bag of pickling salt for $3.00 and they had a ton of the powdered organic flours and powdered fruit/nuts on sale as well. Half posting this for the comments and half for the foodies who love to treasure hunt. Use this with burgers, steaks, potatoes it’s amazing. Also worth noting I have messaged with the inventor and the only other ingredient is rosemary. It’s a fantastic product

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