VESSEL (Made in Japan – 6pc set) precision screwdriver set TD-56 $12.79

By | August 6, 2022 1:10 pm EST

I own a set of these. Great precision "jeweler" style screwdrivers. I know many people may own a set of precision screwdrivers you got for $1 in that blue plastic case with the clear lid. Well, these are much better quality. Under $13 with free shipping as about as low as I’ve ever seen them. Normally, even on Amazon, they sell for over $14. On eBay, a quick look showed them for sale for $15.30, but with $16 shipping cost. Also, this third party seller has over 10k reviews with a 93% lifetime score. The seller is located in Japan, but shipping is from Amazon in the USA.
About this item
Package size / length: 86 mm, width: 140 mm, height: 20 mm. Package weight: 142 g
Material: stainless steel.
Set contents: -0.9, -1.2, -1.8, -2.3, + 00, + 0, clear case
Grip: Cushion
VESSEL CO., INC. is a leading company in fastening tools. VESSEL is producing and distributing VESSEL branded screwdrivers, driving bits, industrial tools, pneumatic tools and ESD-related products.…ZETAU&th=1

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