Samsung 2022 S6 Lite 64gb, from $85 with ipad trade in and epp discount accepts 1st gen ipads

By | September 10, 2022 8:52 am EST

2022 model tab s6 lite, 4gb of ram, 64 or 128 gb storage.
this one has android 12, and is the 10.4" screen. This one does have the sd card slot.
trading in an old ipad pro will net you $175 trade in credit, making it $95 for 64gb
or $139 for 128 gb.
This one also accepts the old 1st gen regular ipads, giving $120 trade in credit.
making the tablet $134 for the 64 gb version. with epp discount, military in my case.
I’ve seen deals posted for the s8 and s7 FE, I haven’t seen this one posted yet. If you have an old ipad pro or air you don’t use anymore, this can be had for under $100, which is great imo.…613NZAEXAR

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