Comma 3 – OpenPilot – $1849

By | November 22, 2022 12:29 am EST

Black Friday Sale this week
32 GB = $1850 ($150 discount)
250 GB = $1950 ($250 discount)
1 TB = $2150 ($350 discount)
It’s basically a third party ADAS level 2 system (open source) for your car. OpenPilot is open source but the hardware you have to pay for it. You must pay attention at all times however but it does make the driving experience better since you don’t have to hold onto the steering wheel all the time (still need to pay attention). Think of it like Tesla autopilot but for other cars where Tesla autopilot is Apple iOS and OpenPilot is Android. It’s really nice for long drives.
Quite a number of YouTube videos out there that demonstrate using one.…20can%20do "see what it can do"
IMPORTANT: you need to make sure your car is compatible with OpenPilot which you can check here. You also need to buy the appropriate car harness so the comma 3 can interact with your car.

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